As you raise a toast of a bubbly or an old rum, we are here to be part of your celebrations, bringing the best of nostalgia and the sugariness of the future in your life!

Many exits, Californian roads, that southern charm, big old fashioned barns!! product product, we present you the American styled dessertry !

Welcome to The Cake Company

Conceptualized in 2016, The Cake Company is the brain child of Chef Chhavi Khattar, and collaborative efforts. We believe in big hearty sizes, the right balance of sweet just hitting your palette at the exact time! The Cake Company offers a wide range from bonbons, artisanal chocolate bars, and decadent cakes/pastries to big gooey American chunky cookies, gourmet deconstructive tubs and bespoke gifting kits. Our creations capture the perfect and niche quality. We work with the best possible ingredients to produce the best possible dessert.

We evoke the imagination of nostalgia and at the same time creating some amazing memories for the future. Everything at the cake company is tailor-made for the customer We deliver a variety of desserts across Gurgaon, South Delhi, catering to both personal and professional requirements. We also offer our delectable menu at food-festivals and fairs. Our creations fulfill the need for any occasion – Birthdays, Weddings, conferences, gift boxes or even dessert for this evening.